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At Colegio Internacional de la Subbética we prioritise social and emotional skills. A child who knows how to express their feelings, who can empathise and work in a team will achieve personal stability and an autonomy that will allow them to make better academic decisions for their future..



Using and educational model based on implicit learning we focus on the individual; encouraging our students to develop their skills according to their personal, professional and artistic interests.



Colegio Internacional de la Subbética is formed by a team of experienced professionals who understand that education should respect the natural development and childhood of the students. Our team work hard to facilitate the students to reach their full potential both in and out of the classroom.

An education that respects the natural development of our children


Timetable: 9.00 h. 14.00 h.
Upon request: Breakfast club and School dinner
Limited places. In order to reserve a place a registration fee is required.

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