Extracurricular activities

Our activities are open to any student from our centre or from other centres. 

We have activities for all ages, from babies to adults. 

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals is highly qualified and certified for the activities we offer. 

Our main language is English, therefore we have bilingual and native teachers as well as being accredited by TET Education. 


 Come and meet us! 

Audiovisual media surround us, in the different forms of television, film, the Internet and social media. It is a new form of expression. In this course you will learn graphic design, video creation and animation, 3D design for animation and 3D printing. 

Our software is adapted to all ages from 3 years up to professional level. 

Classes are taught by Educa Genios. 

Fee: € 56 per month. 

Hours per week: 2 

Registration: € 45, includes all materials and computer equipment. 

This extracurricular class is combined with the Robotics classes. 

The presence of new technologies is unavoidable and therefore it is necessary for our children to be prepared for their future, and develop new skills in these areas. 

In the future many current jobs will be replaced by new ones in which the use of robotics and programming will be fundamental. It is not the future, it is the present!  

We start by creating machines and mechanisms, integrating sensors and motors using Lego Wedo, Mindstorm and Arduino. 

We will also create videogames, mobile applications, and animations.  

From 3 to 16 years  

Classes are taught by Educa Genios. 

Fee: € 56 per month 

Hours per week: 2 

Registration: € 45, includes all materials and computer equipment.This extracurricular class is combined with the Audiovisual Creation classes. 

For our students, the professionals of the future, to feel motivated, they need tools and opportunities that increase their productivity and develop new skills. We want to encourage their development so that they can grow individually and improve their chances of success in the future. 

We believe in fostering intellectual development through emotional and social development. This is why our course is developed with a multidisciplinary team that includes Educational Psychologists and teachers specialised in new technologies and English, both bilingual and native speakers. 

Tools we use: 

  • Robotics 
  • Programming 
  • Design and 3D printing 
  • Audiovisual and musical creation 
  • Digital drawing and plastic arts 
  • English 

Skills we will work: 

  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Social skills 
  • Team work 
  • Communication 
  • Creativity 
  • Conflict resolution 


Fee: € 97 per month from October to June 

Hours per week: 4 (two 2 hour sessions) 

Registration: € 45, includes all materials and computer equipment. 

For those who are eligible, this course is covered by the scholarship program. 

The early years of a child’s life is the perfect time to enhance the development of language. Our TET method is based on early stimulation through games and music and methods including TPR and the Doman method, in this way the learning process is natural.  The classes are taught by our native teacher Raylene Robertson, certified English language teacher with a BA Hons in English. 

Our proposal is to combine English with audiovisual creation and robotics, so that from an early age they use English in different situations in the classroom, through the creation of animations, stopmotion, 3D design for animation and 3D printing. They will also learn to design their own toys and will be able to take the final printed product home. 

Fee: € 46 / month 

Hours per week: 2  

Registration fee: € 45.00, includes audiovisual teaching material 

Max. 12 students per group. 

All four skills are taught (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in a very communicative way. Cambridge and Trinity exam preparation classes are also available. 

Our classes are taught by our native teacher. 

Fee: € 56 per month 

Hours per week: 2 

Registration: € 45, includes all materials and computer equipment. 

Max. 7 students. 


One to one lessons: 

Fee: € 96 / month – Hour per week: 1 

Fee: € 185 / month – Hours per week: 2 


In a completely innovative way we learn to draw and paint both traditionally with physical materials such as, pencil, paints, pastels amongst others, and digitally with tablets and computers.  Mixing new technologies with more traditional art we are able to experiment moving from one medium to another to create authentic works of art. 

We will learn about proportions, composition and colour. We will  work on drawing, painting, illustrations, hand inking and computer work. 

Using new technologies in drawing and painting has become fashionable more and more fashionable over recent years. So, art lovers must know how to use these tools. it is no longer enough to learn to draw or paint, without taking the digital world into account. 

We will use pencils, oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, and also graphic tablet and drawing software like Affiniti photo and a more basic version for the youngest students. 

From  3 years to adults. 

Fee: € 39 / month 

Hours per week: 1  

Registration: € 45 including materials and computer equipment. 

The current rhythm of life influences both the academic and personal performance of our children, through yoga and mindfulness we get them to increase their concentration, ability to relax and adapt better to all situations, reducing stress. 

We teach students how to be calm through breathing techniques and also how to stay in good shape. “Mens sana in corpore sano 


Fee: € 36 / month 

Hours per week: 1 

The Montessori philosophy is based on the ability of the child to reap knowledge from what they observe from the moment they are born.  It is fundamental to know these principles in order to provide the right environment through which the child will develop and build their skills. 

The essential principles will be discussed in these classes: Definition of spaces, child appropriate learning objectives and the creation of routines. 

There will be two simultaneous group workshops, one for the parents and another for the children. The children will have time in an authentic Montessori classroom, while parents learn how they can continue with the Montessori method at home. 

Fee: € 83 / month. 

Hours per week: 1.5 

Aimed at those students who for different reasons cannot follow school assignments on a daily basis and need external help. 

Homework and exams will no longer be a problem! 

We start with an assessment of the needs of the student which then allows us to create a personalised learning plan in order to maximise the student’s potential. 


Fee: € 96 / monthly 

Hours per week: 5 (1 hour Mon – Fri) .

Health care: we evaluate, diagnose and rehabilitate language and hearing problems. 

From delay in language acquisition to specific language disorders. 

Search, prevent, detect and treat learning problems. Through an evaluation with an educational psychologist we can perform an analysis of abilities, and guide and treat any difficulties. 


Fee: € 96 per month – Hours per week: 1 


Fee: € 185 per month – Hours per week: 2 


Evaluation or diagnostic report: € 100.

We awaken interest and curiosity using new technologies as a learning tool. Robotics, programming, audiovisual creation, developing innovative projects through which we unleash our creativity, learn to work in a team, express ourselves and above all, learn by doing. 

Our camps are bilingual where we will use English as the main language, thanks to our native teacher. 

Every working day in the school holidays, Christmas, Easter or summer. They will be scheduled and announced in advance so you can reserve a place. 

Let your children develop through technology as if they were real engineers! 



Half day : €12 – from 11:30 to 14.00, after breakfast.  

Whenever there are free places, they may come in the morning, single days.  

There are no mid-morning discounts for days, although you can accumulate free days with the membership card. 


Full day: € 19 from 9.00 to 14 .00,  including breakfast. 


Week: € 85  from 9.00 to 14.00, including breakfast (Mon-Fri). 


Fortnight: € 150  from 9.00 to 14.00, including breakfast (Mon-Fri). 


Full summer 6 weeks:  €350,   from the end of school until the first week of August  

from 9.00 to 14.00, including breakfast (Mon-Fri). 



Christmas: € 140, from 9.00 to 14.00, including breakfast. 



Easter (Holy week): € 50, from 9.00 to 14.00, including breakfast. 


Ask for your membership card to get free days! 


The cost of registration is € 45 per year, which includes all materials. It is a cost per student, regardless of the activities to which it is enrolled. 

Membership card. 

With the enrollment we deliver a Membership Card, with which you can have free days in workshops and Tecnocampus (all non-school working days). Do not forget to request it! 


This Membership Card can also be acquired without having to be a student at a price of € 45, which would include free registration when you sign up later in any activity, you can enjoy one day of Tecnocampus without cost and then every four Tecnocampus you will have another free. 


With the Member Card we organize championships with which you can earn a week of Tecnocampus on vacation. 

Combine activities .

Ask us about the possibility of combining schedules, sharing or breaking down activities, since we can give you discounts. We will study each case. 


Plan friends. 

We have the Friends Plan. 

We make discounts for friends, if you bring a friend you will have a 5% discount on the monthly payment. We have agreements with some AMPAS of schools with which we apply this discount. Ask your AMPA. 

Discounts for brothers. 

The brothers also have a 5% discount on the monthly payment of the activities. 

Discounts for former students. 

For students who are in full course until June, tuition is reduced to € 23 and the fee will have a discount of 5%. 

Quarterly or annual payments. 

The quarterly payments will have a 5% discount and the annual payments 10%. 

The discounts can be accumulated up to 15%. 

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